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Kamilla's Floral Boutique!
your personal floral designer

Kamilla's Floral Boutique

Our marketing relationship with Kamilla began prior to her opening Kamilla's Floral Boutique. We continue to work with Kamilla at every stage and manage her ongoing brand. We created her brand with a stylized logo, company colors and a font style so the overall brand would remain consistent. From the layout of stationary and vehicle signage to her first web site and most recent re-design site.


“ You have been instrumental in the launch of my company, shown a special commitment to quality and the ability to point out all the right details.„
- Kamilla,

M. Welland Green Consultants!
Live. Explore. Thrive. Never Yield.

M. Welland Green

Weaving a tapestry of ones life and the lands they have traveled is challenging, yet a rewarding task. The fabric of Mike Green's travels is most suitable over a good scotch and a fine cigar.


Supplied with a hope chest of writings, photos and personal belongs, Mike asked us to work some magic. We set the stage for a introspective showcase of his personnel life, people he interacts with and the friendships and bonds that are woven together across multiple continents.


“ You have taken 15 years of ideas, thoughts, and experiences and created a format that allows visitor's to be mesmerized by the photos, moved by the prose, and left knowing they will visit again. It takes true talent to melt down all my experiences. Your professionalism, artistic ability and attention to detail are without parallel. Thanks for all you do. „
- Michael,

What We Do?
Idea's into imagery - Color into movement.



Creating customer interest
We work to create and understand the needs of your target market. The customer is at the core of all marketing activities enabling us to perceive new markets. More »



Consistency across all mediums
Branding and Identity is in our DNA here at DGSwift. Your brand starts with a great logo, a logo that is unique, speaks fast and is versatile. More »




Color into movement
From marketing materials to web site's we provide the first impression. Logo's, Business cards, sale's sheets, brochures, signage, advertisements... Design's that speak to your customers and improve your brand. More »




Stand out amongst the crowd
Twitter, Tweet, Linked In, Facebook, blogs- what's it all mean? We'll guide you to recognize, connect, speak, listen, find, grow and sell your company socially. More »




Targeted traffic the organic way
We all want people to find our business on the web. The down side - so do your competitors. Our savvy mix of local, mobile, organic and even social - get's your customers to locate you. We have search packages to match your business and your budget. More »